ROAS of 7.4x

15x videos / month

416% increase in email revenue

How it


The Night Store is a UK based luxury pyjama brand, focused on sizing inclusivity and functional yet stylish designs. Founded by Dan and Charlotte in just 2019, they’ve quickly become one of the UK market leads in their space. Within their first year of trading, they’d turned over multi millions through their wholesale, and coming to us in 2020 we knew there was huge scope to replicate this success through their e-commerce store. 

At this point, the team has spent into the thousands on their PJs - we all love them.

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How it's


We’ve been working with The Night Store for coming up to three years now and throughout that time we’ve seen them go from success to success with their growth in their DTC operations. The partnership and results have been incredible, with their Meta and Google ROAS averaging a 7.4x throughout the duration of our time working together. 

We found quickly that UGC worked really well for The Night Store, so started to bulk produce 15x videos / month with plenty of iterations to test throughout the Meta account. With our aggressive creative testing cycle, we were able to formulate a set system of UGC that consistently performed above a 5x ROAS, and just replicate and iterate constantly to prevent fatigue throughout the account. Google has been a consistent acquisition driver throughout our partnership, with both PMAX and search working really well for The Night Store. Around one year into our partnership, we also added in our retention services for email and SMS marketing as the team felt there was a huge opportunity to scale this aspect of the business. 

Within six months they’d seen an increase in email and SMS revenue of 416%, leading to a returning customer rate of dreams (get it?). The product quality, in combination with our hyper segmented approach to retention campaigns made for an easy win here - and we continue to see growth month on month throughout their retention strategies at present. 

The team love working with The Night Store (and wearing their PJs - we’re well into the thousands of spend at Night), and can’t wait to see their growth in the coming years.

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Short-form Content

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See more UGC

Results we've generated

Here's a quick insight into some of the results we've generated.

We’ve been working with Mongoose for coming up to 2.5 years now, and we’ve had an incredible partnership with their team. We cover paid ads, email and SMS marketing, and UGC content creation with them. The team are performing really well, super knowledgeable and really hard working - always going over and above.

Our ROAS across Meta and Google since starting with Mongoose is 7.4x which is huge, we’ve seen such strong revenue growth as a direct result of their work. They’re become good friends of ours, and I couldn’t recommend them enough!’’