In the ever-changing world of digital advertising, it can sometimes feel like navigating a maze when it comes to finding the right structure for your meta campaigns. Should you go all-in with Advantage Plus? Or would finding a happy medium between different campaign structures be the key? We understand the challenges you face, and that's why we've developed a tried and tested campaign structure that we implement in every client account. It's a proven approach that consistently scales brands to impressive seven and eight figure successes in our agency. 

Check it out and feel free to download the exact framework below!

It all starts with your acquisition campaigns. We have four campaign structures that we use within our client accounts throughout the acquisition funnel. Two are for scaling, and two are for testing in the background so that we have a constant flow of best performing content, copy, landing pages and audiences to cycle into the scaling campaigns. This iteration cycle means that you’ll never have creative fatigue in your campaigns again, and you’re constantly optimising to the best possible standard. 

Now, which campaign is which? We use advantage plus campaigns, and campaign budget optimisation campaigns (CBO) to scale. We use ABO (ad set budget optimisation campaigns) and sandbox campaigns to test creatives, copy, headlines, CTAs, landing pages and more. Constant testing and iterations allow for fast, stable growth and an ad account that doesn't crash and burn when you start to scale your spend. 

Within your acquisition campaigns, make sure to be using advantage plus targeting, broad audiences and lookalikes. Avoid very narrow, specific acquisition audiences - it may have worked years ago but nowadays it's all about big broad audiences, and constant creative testing. A large part of success within acquisition campaigns comes from creative testing and iterations, so be sure to build out a rigorous testing strategy to mass test creatives quickly and effectively. Last year we launched over 10,000 ad creatives across our client base (crazy, we know, but it’s what works!)

The key to structuring out your retargeting campaigns is segmentation by time retention and funnel placement. We use both ABO and CBO campaigns within retargeting, depending on the ad spend (if your spend is under £100k / month, we’d generally recommend ABO campaigns within retargeting to have more control over spend). Creative variation becomes increasingly important within your retargeting campaigns, in both middle and bottom of the funnel. We want to constantly be cycling in new, fresh creative to prevent fatigue within the audience, and pushing value propositions, reviews, educational content / styling, offers and more. 

Make sure to test a good variety of retargeting audiences, we find that different time retentions work better for different brands. Generally speaking the lower the AOV of the brand, the shorter the time retention used in retargeting for the majority of the ad spend. This is because it’s more of an impulsive purchase, and the customer doesn't need to deeply consider it as they would with a high ticket product. 

Having clear offers and incentives throughout the funnel is key to driving consistent conversions, and leveraging your retargeting campaigns to the best of their ability. Throughout your bottom of funnel campaigns, we’d recommend running both DPA formats (dynamic product ads). This is when someone looks at a product, and they are then delivered an ad of that exact product (no, facebook isn’t listening to you…). Video ads historically work really well within retargeting campaigns, but do include a variety of statics too - we see these perform really well consistently. 

Finally, we have retention campaigns. Depending on the size of your brand, you may not be able to or have the need to run these as of yet, but for any brand making over £50k / month in revenue or a subscription / replenishment model we’d strongly recommend it. This is a campaign dedicated to retaining your existing customers throughout incentives, and exclusive retention programmes available to them. It’s incredibly powerful and serves as a strong complementary tool to your email marketing retention strategies - we’d recommend integrating your Klaviyo audiences with Meta to segment out your retention audiences by AOV, or frequency of purchase. 

Download a full breakdown of our Meta campaign structures that we use in all of our client accounts